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Stamford Public Schools 

Stamford Public Schools Senior Internship Experience is designed to provide students with the opportunity to become productive and responsible citizens of the 21st century.

About the Program

What does it do? 

The program allows students to explore an area of interest outside the constructs of their formal educational program.  By helping to foster independence and decision-making skills, the program will provide students an opportunity to make a smoother transition from high school to college, the work place, or military service.  The students can explore a career interest or service opportunity in a field prior to beginning formal training in college or other post-secondary schooling.

Why is it important? 

- The youth in Stamford face high barriers to success with:

  • 51% of children eligible for free and reduced lunch

  •  We have 12,674 youth 16-24 years old in Stamford …..            

13% of them are unemployed

  •  Work and job readiness programs are important because National Longitudinal Surveys found that:


 - High School students with 20 hrs. of part-time work per week in their Senior year had annual earnings 20%  higher 6 to 9 years after graduation, compared to the students who didn’t work

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